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Learning ServiceNow. - Second Edition

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Learning ServiceNow. - Second Edition

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Overview of this book

This book is an updated version of Learning ServiceNow, that will cover the new and updated features of the ServiceNow platform. It will show you how to put important ServiceNow features to work in the real world, while introducing key concepts via examples of managing and automating IT services. It'll help you build a solid foundation of knowledge, and will demonstrate how to effectively implement and configure modules within ServiceNow. We'll show you how to configure and administer your instance, and then move on to building strong user interfaces and creating powerful workflows. We also cover other key elements of ServiceNow, such as notifications, security, reporting, and custom development. You will learn how to improve and automate your business' workflow and processes. By the end of this book, you will be able to successfully configure and manage ServiceNow like a pro.
Table of Contents (19 chapters)
Learning ServiceNow Second Edition


The GlideRecord class is one of the most ubiquitous and useful classes in ServiceNow. Its primary function is to query a database table, and present values corresponding to each record in that table, that matches a given query. It can also be used to add, modify, or delete records. A GlideRecord object consists of properties with names corresponding to each field in the table. In the client-side Glide API, these properties usually contain strings, whereas on the server-side API, these properties contain GlideElement JavaScript Objects with their own methods and properties.


A GlideRecord object must first be initialized by using the new keyword (which calls the initialize() constructor method) and passing in a table name as a string. This tells the new GlideRecord object what table any subsequent queries or new records are created on.

Example usage

Initialize a new GlideRecord object on the Incident table, and store it in the gr variable:

var grIncident = new GlideRecord...